RFT for Behavior Analysts

In this 4-session webinar series, beginning Sept 10, you will learn the essentials of RFT, along with effective, evidence-based, practical strategies for promoting generalized and generative language repertoires for young children. This will be followed by a 4-session series with Tom Szabo on using RFT to promote advanced language and social skills and promote ethical behavior.

Sign up and more information on the Praxis CET site, here.

BALC Panel: Contextual Behavior Science

I will be participating in a panel on “Using the Contextual Behavioral Science Paradigm as a Behavior Analyst” at the Behavior Analyst Leadership Council conference on March 29th. The goal of the panel is to introduce the concepts underlying CBS and discuss the application of CBS principles through the lens of practicing clinicians.

The Future of Verbal Behavior

As a member of the incoming editorial team for The Analysis of Verbal Behavior Journal, I was asked to speak to the future of verbal behavior research and of The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, considering questions about the direction of the field, the future path of the journal, and the message I would have for the next generation of researchers.

Here is my editorial on that topic: The Future of Verbal Behavior: Collaboration and Inclusivity

RFT, VB & EIBI, oh my!

In this guest post for the ABAI Behavior Science Dissemination Blog, I was asked by Ruth Anne Rehfeldt to write about my personal trajectory with RFT. I hope you enjoy it!