Constellations Community of Practice

I am happy to announce a new collaborative training venture with Julia Fiebig, Evelyn Gould, and Becky Watson, the Constellations Community of Practice.

We created this group to serve as a kind of virtual lab, a community of scientist-practitioners sharing ideas, learning from and with each other, and pushing our field forward through our applied work, applied research, coaching, and collaboration. In this space, we aim to bring together behavior analysts committed to a rigorously systematic, functional contextualist, compassionate and values-driven approach to their practice and way of being in the world.

Our members are focused on continually improving their practice; connecting with each other; collaborating on research, writing, training and practice projects; holding each other accountable; giving and getting feedback; and lifting each others’ lights high. Together, we aim to educate and influence the field and the next generation of behavior analysts to more deeply understand and apply the science to create more effective, nurturing, contextually sensitive environments and communities that reflect shared values of compassion, cultural humility, sustainability, and social justice.

In our first year, we are limiting membership to workshop and coaching group participants. Learn more on our website: