Custom training in RFT/VB and EIBI

Upcoming and ongoing training opportunities

RFT in EIBI 12 Week Coaching Group

In this coaching group, through my collaboration with Constellations, we thoroughly explore theoretical concepts related to RFT in EIBI—that is, RFT and early language development—along with specific case-conceptualization tools, assessment and intervention protocols. Six modules over the course of 12 weeks provide you the opportunity to take a deep dive into RFT theoretical and practical concepts, connect with other professionals using RFT in their practice, and meet for case reviews and discussion. Meeting size is limited to 10 participants to ensure plenty of interaction opportunity. Please note: this is not an introduction to RFT; you should already have some training and reading under your belt before starting, and you should already be beginning to implement at least some RFT-based protocols in your practice. Now enrolling Summer 2022

Do More of What You Care About (and less of what you don’t)

In this workshop, through my collaboration with Constellations, learn to prioritize and actively choose how to spend your time, noticing and organizing your own behavior and context from a perspective of self-compassion and curiosity. Over the course of 4 modules (8 weeks), we’ll be learning and using the practical strategies for time and performance management provided by the Mindful Action Plan and Personal Kanban, as well as various other time management tools and tactics, and re-thinking our relationship with time and what it means to “manage” it. Now enrolling Summer 2022

Acting on a Value of Self-Care

In this workshop, through my collaboration with Constellations, we share our favorite tools and practices to promote well-being and resilience. Drawing from our article and the work of other contextual behavior scientists, over four weeks together we will practice strategies for clarifying and committing to an overarching value of self-care. The workshop group is limited to 25 participants to allow for plenty of interaction. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with others who are committed to acting congruently with personal and professional values across many domains of living, and we will all work on practicing self-compassion in the process.

Rediscovering our heart: Social validity lessons from unusual and unfamiliar contexts

While not technically about RFT/VB, in this webinar, I explore the lessons I have learned from a career teaching behavior analysts throughout the world, both in person but especially through telehealth. I share some tools and thoughts on how we can become better behavior analysts in a multicultural, pandemic, telehealth world.

Access this 1.5 CEU course through Pacific Coast University.

Customized training for organizations

Are you looking to shift your organization’s EIBI focus towards teaching for generative language? I provide customized on-site training on integrating RFT into your current VB programming, combined with distance-based group coaching for your team to support implementation. My trainings include both theoretical foundations and practice with applications that can immediately be added to your programming. I will work with you to identify the most important focus of training for the client population your agency serves. Topics can include many precursor foundations for generativity (including joint attention, recombinative generalization, and flexibility in responding) as well as establishing both early and more advanced relational framing repertoires for young children in early intervention programs.

Please contact me to set up a time to talk about your interests and the needs of your agency.

RFT coaching and curriculum consultation

Are you looking to go beyond basic training and integrate RFT into your practice? Individualized coaching with a focus on case consultation and curriculum development gives you the support you need to successfully apply RFT to your EIBI programs. We will work together to ensure you not only understand the theoretical foundations, but you are able to take what you’ve learned and infuse it into your practice from the ground up. Research/dissertation coaching is also available. Contact me for a free initial consultation to discuss your interests and needs. 

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