Study with Siri

Benefit from Siri's nearly two decades of experience coaching and preparing professionals for state and board behavior analyst certification. Join the longest-running BCBA exam prep class of its kind, or just take a practice test!

Practice tests include feedback on correct/incorrect answers, and may be taken multiple times. The cost of practice tests may be applied to the cost of the study guide or to registration in Siri's coaching group. Two practice tests are available: a 50 question practice test, and a full 160 question mock exam.

A structured study guide is also now available! This option is set up to provide a structured plan of studying each area of the task list, grouped in sets of 2-3 task list areas to provide eight study modules. Each module gives you a guided set of links through tips and resources for each task list area as well as a module quiz. There is a module for preparing to study (which includes the 50 question practice test as a pre-test), six task list modules, and a wrap-up module with post-test and the final mock exam. Each module is designed to be completed in about a week, but they can be completed more quickly than this, or you can take your time. The cost of the study guide may be applied to the coaching group if you decide you want a more interactive experience.

Siri's 9 week coaching group includes all the material in the study guide, but adds on weekly practice question-writing assignments, ongoing discussion on discussion boards, and weekly web conferences. It also includes an explicit focus on learning strategies from ACT and behavioral relaxation training to work with test anxiety. Siri is online daily to answer questions, moderate discussion, and provide feedback. Individual coaching is also available as an add-on to the study guide. For more information, just email Siri:

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