May 16, 2016


My services include coaching and consultation, as well as customized training, to families, schools, aspiring behavior analysts, and professionals looking for coaching to further their skills and expertise as well as outside consultation on complex case issues. Please contact me for further information.

Family and School Consultation

In keeping with my commitment to expanding the availability of services to children with autism, I provide services to home programs or schools in areas in which there is a significant lack of local consultation resources. Because this necessarily means my services will be provided remotely with only occasional site visits, and because I strongly believe in developing local capacity, I only provide consultation under circumstances in which a team member (parent, teacher, or tutor) is in the process of becoming, or planning to become, board certified as either a behavior analyst or an associate behavior analyst, or is already certified as a BCaBA and is in need of BCBA supervision.


I primarily provide consultation and associated training to agencies and programs affiliated with current or former mentoring clients, but I have some limited availability to take on new consultation clients and/or provide customized training. My primary focus is on assisting with the integration of RFT into verbal behavior programs. Consultation and training is also available to agencies and schools already implementing programs based on an analysis of verbal behavior, newly integrating verbal behavior into existing approaches, or starting up new programs or classrooms using a verbal behavior model, including training on the use of the VB-MAPP.

Coaching and Supervision

Behavioral professionals who wish to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts have a variety of options for completing their experience requirements, under the Behavior Analyst Certification Board‘s eligibility requirements. My supervision services fulfill the requirements of supervised independent fieldwork, and coaching is also available for any professional seeking to further their skills or looking for additional assistance on complex case issues.

Coaching and supervision involve more than just providing consultation and direction on your existing programs. I focus on working with you to give you the problem-solving and analysis strategies you need to successfully develop your programs using an individual, broad-based behavioral analysis of each child’s verbal behavior and motivation, including assessment of relational responding skills. We work together to develop your goals and to develop a plan to ensure that you achieve those goals. Activities to reach your goals involve a combination of video reviews, assessment and program reviews, and web-based video consultation.

 Supervision is designed for working professionals who provide consultation to at least three families, and who are already familiar with using an analysis of verbal behavior to guide their assessment and curriculum development. Prior to beginning supervision, clients must have completed or be in the process of completing all educational eligibility requirements for Board certification, and must have taken workshops on using the ABLLS or VB-MAPP and/or teaching using an analysis of verbal behavior approach.

My Mentors

A description of my coaching and supervision program would not be complete without my many thanks to and acknowledgement of the professionals at Behavior Analysts, Inc. I consider myself fortunate to be able to include Dr. Mary Ann Powers, Dr. Jim Partington and Dr. Mark Sundberg among my mentors. And my work with parents would not be as rich or as deep without all that I have learned from Cathy Santopadre. Thanks to all of you.