December 2, 2009

Student Comments

Here is a sample of what past students have had to say about my class. Please contact me if you would like to be put in touch with former students for more information. If you are a former student and would like to comment, please feel free do so at the bottom of the page!

This preparation course was absolutely what I needed to prepare for this challenging exam in behavior analysis. It provided me with repeated opportunities to absorb information in all the Content Areas. The quizzes and sample exam questions helped me well beyond anything else. I was able to practice thinking more broadly and in an applied manner. Sincere appreciation for your prompt feedback and encouragement throughout the process. Thank you, Siri, for all of your efforts in creating this excellent course!!!!–Anita Breslin, BCBA

The exam is tough, but Siri’s course helps because it provides practice with scenario-type questions. This is important because it is the application of the principles, not just rote memorization that is necessary to succeed. I enjoyed the course, the camaraderie, and encouragement from Siri and the other participants.–Bruce Boyer, BCBA

I feel more than satisfied with this preparation course. The focus on the KSA, the information provided during the course and the frequent quizzes helped me in many ways to prepare for the exam. I believe that I was able to look at each question, find key words, distracters, etc., only with the knowledge I gained through the course. I would highly recommend your course!!! Thanks for all your help!!–Patricia Zawisza, BCBA

Before I began to work through your review course, I was very, very nervous about whether I would pass the exam. I had been diligent about studying, and was in somewhat of a rut, but did not know how else to prepare. I knew I needed to "know more", but not how to go about it. Your course gave me that! By the end of the first week of the experience, I felt like I was on the right track. By the end of the experience, I was not nervous about the exam. I entered the exam ready to select correct answers!–Bonnie Brock, BCBA

I believe that this course prepared me well for taking the exam. The support provided primarily by Siri, but from other students as well, was just as valuable to me as the lessons learned. Working with a group where everyone had such a single focus was very exciting. The organization of working through the KSA’s was much needed and probably the most valuable element in the course. Just reading them without working with them would not have been adequate. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is planning to take the BCBA.– Ro Ecklund, BCBA

The area practice tests evoked effort to more thoroughly learn the components of the task list. Without the feedback I received after completing the first practice exam, I would have greatly overestimated my understanding of behavior analytic principles and procedures and thus would have studied much less rigorously…the course was well worth the cost of tuition and my time. Thank you, Siri, for the enormous amount of effort you put into helping us learn how to study for the exam.–Derek Lucky, BCBA

I passed! Thank you so much for your support and your guidance. I really enjoyed the course and consider my time as a student critical to my recent success. The best thing about your course is that it “teaches” you the materials that you need to know and more importantly, you learn how to think critically about behavior analysis–an excellent course. Well worth it!–B.J., BCBA

10 thoughts on “Student Comments

  • I passed after taking this exam two other times without favorable results! Thank you, Siri, for your time, patience and expertise in this area. Your course gave me structure, focus areas and practice to get me ready to take the BCBA exam!

  • In response to Siri’s request for info.- I took the exam to be a BCBA and I passed. I found the course helpful, but supplemented by study with the Behavior Solutions CD as well. I found both the class and the CD useful. The CD was a bit more helpful in pointing me to references regarding standard celeration charts and other task list areas I was not familiar with.

  • I did it! -thanks to Siri’s course! Having failed the exam the first time, I knew I need to do something different and not make the same studying mistakes twice. Instead of using a computer program where you practiced rote memorization of terms, etc; Siri’s course was much more similar to the actual exam. The entire prep course was focused and precise. You aren’t going to waste time studying information that is not likely to be on the exam. Being able to focus my studying helped me to use my time wisely and critically think about ABA situations. Siri teaches you to break down the question and look for what they are really asking you, and not be distracted by useless information. The best part is that you don’t have to spend countless hours preparing (as I had thought before). Walking into the exam, I felt prepared and relaxed. It worked! I will recommend this prep course to everyone I know taking the exam. Thanks Siri!

  • First of all I would like to thank Siri for the wonderful support that I received from her as well the entire class. A former student of Siri had recommended that I take her class as I had not been successful in passing the exam before. I am so glad I took the class. Siri has such a vast knowledge and mastery over this subject, and her prompt assistance and feedback on where you went wrong is also very beneficial. The practice test bank which is online is what I focused on and continued to practice these questions. I did not find the CD modules that helpful, as much as Siri’s prep course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is preparing for the test.

  • Siri’s course was wonderful! Pretest I scored something like 20%, by post-test I was at 85% and I passed the BCBA exam on my first attempt. In just a few weeks, the course focuses you in on the right content and at depth of knowledge that more than prepares you for the exam. If you put in the time, study your vocabulary and key concepts, and participate in discussions on the blackboard, you will be more than prepared for the exam-good luck!

  • Thank you Siri!! I am so happy that I took this course. Siri’s questions really helped me think and study the right way, not just for the test but more importantly in practice before and after passing. Frankly I am sad I am no longer part of the group because I have lost a great network and opportunities to keep reviewing the subject matter. Creating questions, discussions really has informed my practice. The practice test questions were awesome.
    Thank you, Thank you!!!

  • Siri’s study program was exactly what I needed to pass the exam. Other programs offer a way to become fluent with the vocabulary, which is a vital skill, however, Siri’s exams gave much needed practice in the application of exam questions. Creating questions really helps you to think through how the questions are asked on the exam. Lastly, the dreaded “timer” for the exams is a great way to condition yourself for the added pressure for the big exam. Thanks Siri!

  • I finally passed! Siri’s prep course was just the study strategy I needed to truly apply all of the information and pass the exam. After 2 failed attempts, I decided to sign up for a prep course and Siri’s course provided strategies and knowledge needed. Creating our own questions, interactions on the discussion board and practice tests helped me when thinking through the questions on the exam. Practicing other study strategies suggested by Siri helped me to stay calm, focused and aware of the exam time limit but not obsessed with the time. I will always be grateful to Siri and the rest of my classmates. Thank you for all of your feedback and support throughout the course! -Jessica Johnstone BCBA

  • Thank you Siri, for the inspiring course. It was a thorough preparation for the BCBA exam. The webinars I really recommend and all the quizes too.
    Following the course also prepares you for taking the exam without drinks or food, and with relation exercises. Thanks again Siri!

  • This course helped me identify and study for my weak areas. I didn’t find reading through other students’ posts as helpful as the pre and post exams and readings/ websites recommended. When reading another person’s e-mail, especially if it was long and detailed, incorrect information in it sometimes stuck with me rather than the reply with the correct answer. Still, overall this was an excellent prep website and I have passed the exam! Thank you, Siri!

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