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I have been coaching and preparing behavior analysts for state and board certification since 1998, when I was in the first group of behavior analysts to take and pass the certification exam in California. I started my exam preparation services with workshops, and then an online class in 2001, and over the years that class has evolved into an intimate, small group coaching experience. I focus on working with students to improve their studying and exam taking strategies as well as providing content review and clarification. There are many more resources now than there were twenty years ago for accessing content summaries, tutorials, podcasts, videos and so on—my focus is on directing you to the best resources for your needs and teaching you to be judicious and intentional in how you use your limited time for studying. Most of my students are also struggling with test anxiety while trying to balance studying, life, and work, and so the group has a dual focus on studying content along with learning important, evidence-based strategies for working with test anxiety and stress, based on Acceptance and Commitment Training protocols.

The group is structured and organized with weekly study modules, while also remaining flexible to fit your needs. Each week, over the course of 8-9 weeks, you will complete assignments, take practice tests and enjoy the support of live online meetings. Each module includes a well-curated set of references and tips for each of the content areas, and I’m online daily to provide feedback and answer any and all questions via threaded discussion boards.

If the timing of the group isn’t right for you, or you are looking for a customized plan for yourself or your organization, I also offer individual and customized small group coaching that includes the same set of studying materials and practice exams as my regular coaching group.

Group coaching

Beginning in fall 2020, I will be accepting enrollment for exam prep groups on a rolling basis, and running groups when the enrollment list reaches 10 participants. Please contact me to be added to the current enrollment list. The earliest next group offering will begin in January 2021. The cost for the 9 week coaching group, including weekly live meetings, resources, assignment feedback, and asynchronous discussion is $495.


Individual/customized coaching packages

Please contact me to discuss your needs and develop an individualized coaching plan. All packages include structured study materials with practice tests, an initial meeting to create a study plan and review strategies, and follow-up meetings to review content questions, assess progress, and develop further strategies for studying and for taking the exam. Cost begins at $450 for materials plus two individual meetings; additional meetings are priced at $150/hr. Sliding scale available for students in developing countries.

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