Support for the next step on your path

RFT coaching and curriculum consultation

Are you looking to go beyond basic training and integrate RFT into your practice? Individualized coaching with a focus on case consultation and curriculum development gives you the support you need to successfully apply RFT to your EIBI programs. We will work together to ensure you not only understand the theoretical foundations, but you are able to take what you’ve learned and infuse it into your practice from the ground up. Research/dissertation coaching is also available. Contact me for a free initial consultation to discuss your interests and needs. 

Coaching for committed action

Are you looking for support as you take the next step in your career? Struggling with completing your dissertation, writing projects, or just feeling stuck? The Mindful Action Plan combines Acceptance and Commitment Training with performance management principles to help you move forward in service of your values. Together we will work on clarifying your values, setting goals, identifying internal and external barriers to progress, and then taking committed action for the next step on your path. Contact me for a free initial consultation to talk about your needs.