Siri Ming, BCBA-D

Support for behavior analysts along their chosen path.

About Siri

After over 20 years of working as a behavior analyst, there’s lots of information I could tell you about what I “do”, but if you’re thinking of working with me, I want you to know who I am, as much as what I do and have done*, and to me that means giving you a sense of what I value—why I have chosen the path I am on.

I value rigor—I have always sought rigorous training, and I take pride in conducting precise and thorough analyses. I was privileged to have an exceptional foundational education in behavior analysis, and to work with giants in the Verbal Behavior field in my first job, and I sought out the best as I shifted into work in RFT. I expect that if you’re here, you’re looking for this kind of integrity in your work—even if it isn’t the easiest of paths to take.

I value solving difficult problems and moving our field forward, which has led me to do things because no-one else is doing them—because if I don’t start, who will? I went so far as to do a whole PhD because I couldn’t get the answers to my questions any other way. My guess is that this describes you too—over the past two decades I’ve been privileged to work with people who have been the first in their states, regions, or countries to become certified as behavior analysts, and who have continued to push the envelope to provide best practices to their clients.

I also value compassion, and kindness, and being a whole person. My life’s journey, like most people’s, has included many circuitous paths. I have a teenage daughter, a partner, and a community of people and activities that are important to me and add to the context of all that I do. I deeply understand that we each have our own story, and our own mountain to climb. If you’d like support for the next step on your own path, however circuitous it might be, let’s talk about how I can help. You can read more about the main services I provide through the links below, and I’m happy to chat any time, just send me an email.

*And if you’d like to know all the positions I’ve held and where I went to school and what I’ve written, please feel free to download my CV, I’m proud of everything that I have done!

How can I support you?

Distance-based supervision for aspiring behavior analysts working in EIBI programs.

Online small group and individual coaching for behavior analyst exam prep.

Custom training and coaching programs for organizations integrating RFT into EIBI programs.

Distance-based individual coaching and consultation for behavior analysts.

Collaborative projects

Research, development, and writing projects integrating RFT with Skinnerian Verbal Behavior within EIBI programs for children with autism. In collaboration with Ian Stewart and John McElwee.


Creating an online community of practice and support for behavior analysts working within a contextual behavior science framework. In collaboration with Julia Fiebig and Evelyn Gould. Invitations open 2020.

Project management, volunteer coordination, and artist wrangling for a Baltimore-based large-scale light art collective led by Michael Bowman.